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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good LinkedIn bio?

A good LinkedIn bio, often referred to as the “About” section of your LinkedIn profile, is a critical component that complements your headline by providing a deeper insight into your professional background, skills, achievements, and personality. Crafting an engaging and informative LinkedIn bio can significantly enhance your visibility and attractiveness to potential employers, clients, or partners.

How does the linkedin bio generator work?

It couldn’t be easier.

Simply enter your information and select your style, and we’ll generate a new bio for you. 

Once you’ve done that, press “Generate” and let our AI get to work!

How many bios can I generate for free?

As many as you want! Keep going until you’re satisfied!

Is this tool free?

Totally free, forever! If you want to get some nice headshots to go along with your new Linkedin bio, click the button to the right!